Blue Bird Bids And Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Dream Vacation

One of the latest and most unique shopping websites is Blue Bird Bids. This is a place where people can bid for the latest laptops, cell phones, tablets, gift cards, and nooks. All products that are being auctioned on this site are known to have good quality, in fact, gadgets such as iPhone and MacBook can be easily had through this site.

Blue Bird Bids

Blue Bird Bids President Paul Redmayne

Basically, Blue Bird Bids is a penny auction site run by Paul Redmayne upon which price settings are at a wholesale cost. This site offers an effective risk management system wherein prices do not get too high since they freeze as soon as they reach the pre-set cap.

Registration is also free and comes with 50 initial bids – also free of charge. As if all these things weren’t enough, now the site also offers a dream vacation that comes – guess what – also for free!

The NASCAR Dream Vacation

Blue Bird Bids has recently announced its offering of a Fantasy weekend for one of their lucky bidders. It is pretty simple to join the program; first, the bidder needs to register for a free account and then he can start bidding with the 50 initial bids that have been included on his registration. As soon as the NASCAR weekend offering goes live, it is no surprise if bidders will clamor to win since this is a vacation of a lifetime.

You have great chances of winning and remember that the ultimate winner will not shell a single dollar. Apart from this, you can also bring along your friends on this all-expense paid trip. And who paid for the airfare, passes, hotel tickets and limo service? why Blue Bird Bids International of course!

Bid Now

Keep in mind that if you have already placed a bid, you should still make a minimum purchase so that you can be qualified to join the said special bidding. And if you are feeling ultra lucky, you can go ahead and bid $100 or more and your bid will automatically be doubled! Simply purchase then show the proof of purchase to the online support team.

Since this dream vacation package is a limited offer, you have to double your speed as well when it comes to your bidding. The more you bid, the higher your chances are of becoming the eventual winner. Also, don’ forget to be up on your toes for Blue Bird Bids’ Christmas offers for they will definitely be out of this world!